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Worms Reinforcements
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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Worms the super playable multiplayer arcade strategy carnival has just got bigger and oh-so-much better! This stunning ammo pack beefs up your Worm like you could never imagine!

Featuring 1 player missions, outrageous custom levels and much more."

Dream17 says...
With the overwhelming popularity of the original Worms, an expansion was inevitable. The pack adds a Single Player Campaign, the ability to create your own custom levels and speechbanks (something that Amiga users have been able to do since the beginning, I might add), as well as give you a little more control over how the game plays. It also gave the Status Bar a much more Wartorn look (something not included in Worms United, which brassed me off a bit).

Posted by Teh hunter at 22/06/07 6:21pm CEST

OMFG Thios game roxxors! OMFG get ait naw!!!

Posted by Boggy B at 12/10/13 6:52am CEST

The closest Worms game I have to the original. It's super epic, has a lot of cool things the Worms games today don't have, and it's a great game, just like all the other Worms games. Smile

[at]Teh hunter, what the hell is wrong with you? -.-

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