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Dream17 has moved!
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 22/03/18 4:19pm CET

Dream17 is now hosted by the kind folks at Abime, please update your bookmarks to accordingly.

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Rise from your grave!
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 31/03/12 12:25pm CEST

*tumbleweed blows by*

Hello? Anyone out there? It seems this place has been left for dead, with no news from our trustworthy staff for over a year and just me maintaining the website in the background... so I've decided to stealthily take-over. Razz

Nothing major, but I'll at least keep the website up to date with the latest Team17 news and Softography updates. I've also fixed the Contact system for anyone that might've tried to contact us before (apparently we lost our e-mails with the domain as well, sorry about that).

If anyone's still out there, feel free to let me know if there's anything that needs fixing, something new you'd like to see added, or just glad to see the website back. Smile

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Download 403 errors fixed
Posted in Dream17 by worMatty at 25/07/10 3:37pm CEST

Hi, guys.

You can now download files from us again. We're sorry for the mess there, I think it might have been something to do with referrer code in the .htaccess files. SupSuper as usual has been our wonderful saviour.

Thanks to Ineptus in Abime IRC for letting me know.


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Domain problems and what the future may hold
Posted in Dream17 by worMatty at 12/05/10 7:51pm CEST

Hi, guys.

Unfortunately Ben hasn't been able to pay for the domain, so we have bought a new one, We are trying to get all links on external sites changed, and to get the domain back, though as of the 10th it seems to have been taken over by one of those search web sites. If we can't get it back, we may just have to accept this new domain, though we think it is actually a bit more relevant.

Aside from that, be assured that unlike some Worms and Amiga sites, Dream17 will always be available, I will make sure of that for as long as I am using the internet. That's why we were intent on fixing the problems we have had since January (that I only found out about a couple of weeks ago). I am a strong supporter of the Amiga and this site is part of that.

If you want to talk about the Amiga, head on over to and find their IRC details (Internet Relay Chat). I am usually idling in there. There is also a fan-made IRC channel for the Worms community, and you can find access details and a guide for that here.


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Goodbye, and Thank You
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 16/01/09 12:46am CET

It is with some sadness that I announce that, from today, I'm no longer the Man In Charge of Dream17. Between writing Jump Leads and trying to forge a career as a writer and actor, I don't have the time I'd like to devote to the site anymore.

I started work on the site back in 2003. There were a ton of Worms fansites, but only one or two fansites covering Team17's other titles. I decided not only to develop a one-stop site where people could find out about all of Team17's games past and present, and when I shared this idea with some of the Team17 Forum community they encouraged me not only to set up the site, but to try and seek permission from Team17 to put up their older Amiga titles for download. I was surprised and pleased when Martyn Brown, Team17's Creative Director, gave me the go-ahead.

Both the Team17 Forum and Amiga communities have been incredibly supportive of the site. There are a ton of people I owe thanks to, and I'll forgo listing them because I know I'll only end up leaving people out.

The site isn't going anywhere, however. I'm leaving the site in the very capable hands of Bonz, who has promised to look after her, and feed and bathe her every day, and not give her any treats after 6pm because otherwise she gets a tummy ache. There are very few people I'd trust this site with, and Bonz is at the front of that list. I'm sure he'll do a great job.

Thank you very much for your support over the past five years.


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CAPTCHA now in effect
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 26/09/08 10:20pm CEST

I didn't want it to come to this. I didn't want to get this far. But idiots will always be idiots and will force me to take drastic effects to stop them from clutting up the database with spam. Therefore, the comments have been upgraded to Level 8 Security.

This means that there's now a CAPTCHA for comments. I know, I know, I hate these things as much as you so I've tried to make this as simple as possible. To post a comment, you need to type in the title of the game's boxart that shows up next to the comment form.

The system is pretty tolerant so you don't have to type in the full title. (no abbreviations though) If you still can't get it right, you can click on the boxart to get a full picture, or just look the name up in the Softography. Or if that isn't enough, just keep refreshing until you get a game you can guess.

Feel free to try it out on this post. Razz

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Site still being hacked...
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 13/08/08 3:26pm CEST

Apparently our entire server has been compromised. Changing FTP information has no effect, so we've raised a ticket with out web host provider. Well, I say "we". I mean Wormatty has, seeing as he's the lovely fellow who lets our site loiter on his server.

Apologies for the pop-ups and viral attacks. I've half a mind to take the site down while we look into this.

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Spambots have been terminated
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 22/07/08 9:04pm CEST

A few days ago, someone managed to get into Dream17 and flood our site with annoying popups and spam links, much to the annoyance of us and our visitors. This issue has now been taken care of.

Dream17 is 100% free of spyware, popups and other annoyances. If you ever find one of these when viewing the site, please report it to us immediately.

We recommend anyone that has visited the site between 17-07-2008 23:59:00 GMT and now, specially with more unsafe browsers (I'm looking at you Internet Explorer), to clear their cache and scan their computer with any antivirus or antispyware software you have.

On behalf of Dream17, I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

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Dream17 FOrum is down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 01/06/08 6:37pm CEST

On the off-chance anyone actually visits our forum anymore, it's currently down due to technical issues. I'm debating whether or not to bother putting it up again considering how few people use it. If you're looking for a place to discuss Team 17 titles, the Official Team 17 Forum is probably the... least worst place to go, while the English Amiga Board is a great place to talk about all things Amiga.

We'll let you know our decision soon.

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Advertise on Dream17!
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 19/12/07 2:26am CET

Dream17 is currently experimenting with banner advertisements with Project Wonderful. This form of advertising allows you to pay the price you want to pay for advertising on our website. The highest bidder has their advert on display.

For more information, check out the Project Wonderful website

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Dream17's WOW2 Forums open
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 03/09/07 6:47pm CEST

We've opened two forums for Worms Open Warfare 2 - one for each version of the game - so you can share Friend Codes/handles, set up matches and discuss the versions individually.

DS version forum
PSP version forum


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Email working again
Posted in Dream17 by at 12/07/07 8:16pm CEST

Evening, ladies and gentlemen.

As you've read, there seems to have been a problem with our email service quite recently. It seems to have started working again tonight, so if you've already sent Ben or Bonz an email in the last few days, please do so again. For the time being, say, a month or so, you may wish to put me[at] in your CC field. If you're using a contact form on the web site, send your email separately as well, using your normal mail service.

Thanks a lot for your patience. I know there have been a few issues lately, but I also know you appreciate the problems that can arise when a service migration takes place. Thankfully, the bandwidth situation is well under control, thanks to Dan's work in the background.

Everything is fine here. Continue about your day.

Cheers Smile

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Email down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 12/07/07 12:33am CEST

Our email server appears to be under siege by gremlins at the moment, so neither Bonz or myself are receiving emails that are being sent to our [at] accounts. If you need to contact us, either send a PM on the forum or try to contact us via alternate methods.

Apologies for any inconvenience this probably isn't causing anyone.

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Downloads restored
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 10/07/07 6:12pm CEST

Alright, the downloads have been restored. However, we've taken measures to ensure that yesterday's events don't repeat themselves. We've cut off all direct links and hotlinking to prevent any unforseen leeching, and we'll now be monitoring closely all the transfers on the site.

For now we'll keep the downloads unrestricted for analysis, but as soon as we find out our high-demand files, we'll be limiting or removing them altogether to ensure the rest of the site can still be used, at least until we can find a server that can handle it all.

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The future of Dream17
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 10/07/07 2:45am CEST

Wow. 120GB of data transfer in a day. That's big. That's bloody big. Mostly it's caused by our "mirror" links from Team 17 websites - something I've now politely asked that the company remove from their websites for the time being - but there's probably some file-leeching going on too. I know for a fact that some of our images are being leeched by an Italian filesharing website. That annoys me to no end.

I had a bit of a crisis when SupSuper informed me that the downloads had been taken down again. I had perhaps deluded myself into thinking that demand for our files wasn't that high, or perhaps I was convinced that Dream17 isn't as popular as it actually is. But the high demand for files is, frankly, insane. I began to question whether or not Dream17 was worth continuing, whether or not I could afford to keep the website alive when it generates no profit at all. I began to consider closing it down.

But, as my Stepmom pointed out earlier, there is something is does generate for me - pride. Enjoyment. Happiness. I've loved every moment I've spent working on Dream17 these page three and a half years. There's something to be said for being responsible for keeping these old games alive and available for new generations. Dream17 is probably one of my proudest achievements, and it's expanded from something I was working on myself to a joint effort between so many people across the world. It's astounding. It is, against all odds, popular.

And it's worth keeping alive.

Earlier in the year, I was offered hosting on a bloody slick high-speed server. It's expensive, but it would theoretically be enough to keep the website alive. I'm now trying to get back in touch with the friend who made the offer to see if it's still on the table. It's not cheap though.

I have previously, in similar circumstances, found myself asking, urging, pleading visitors to click on the PayPal donate button to the left-hand side. I'd be very appreciative if you would consider doing this again, but this time I'm not begging. I will remind you that the button is there, but I'm not going to push the matter. I will do what I can to keep the website alive and if you wish to be a part of that then by all means I will accept whatever little you decide to donate. But I'm not going to hold the website ransom. If we can get the downloads up sooner rather than later we will, and once I have enough money - be it from my own pocket or otherwise - I will be moving to a better server with a higher bandwidth allocation.

I can only apologise for the constant buggering about. If we can get this sorted, we will. If I can pay for a server with higher bandwidth, I will. I'll not let this site die if I can help it. Just you watch.

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Downloads taken offline... again
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 09/07/07 6:36pm CEST

Evening, ladies and gents,

As you can see from the news below, we've managed to find a replacement host. Unfortunately, due to what we think is direct linking to our downloads, we're close to maxing our transfer allowance for today! It currently stands at about 116GB. As you'll agree, that's a hell of a lot. So because of this, we have temporarily disabled our downloads to prevent our service being disabled.

Our web content is still online, which many of you (hopefully) will realise is the most important thing. We'll be looking at ways to reduce server load whilst still offering a convenient service to our visitors.

Thanks for your patience.

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New server!
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 09/07/07 2:22am CEST

Yet again, we've moved to a new server. This is fantastic news for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it means we are once again able to make our CD32 ISOs available. Secondly, it means that high demand for files won't get us shut down, and thirdly, the site seems to be running faster. Which is very much a good thing.

So rejoice! Or something.

Edit: My [at] email address is currently out of commission until I get it set up again, which should be by the end of Monday, so for now don't email me because odds are I won't get it.

[Edit by SupSuper] E-mails are now working. Also, the forum's been upgraded to RC3.

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Forum Maintenance
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 03/06/07 9:42pm CEST

SupSuper is currently tweaking the layout of the forum, so it might look a bit misshapen at the moment, but it is usable.

[Edit by SupSuper]It's back to normal now. Enjoy the shiny new skin.

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Forum back
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 26/05/07 4:01am CEST

More details inside.

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Forum temporarily shutdown for upgrade
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 25/05/07 3:50pm CEST

What I said. Smile

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another server move
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 28/04/07 9:26am CEST

Dream17 is likely to be moving servers again some time within the next month. I've been putting it off, largely because I don't want the fuss of having to move all of the files to a new server again, for what seems like the fifth or sixth time this year, but we can't really put it off any further. We have fiels we're allowed to share, but that our hosts, Heart Internet, won't allow us to.

Files like the CD32 versions of Worms and Super Stardust. Files like the Worms 4: Mayhem patch. Files that Dream17 has proudly been able to offer you until Heart Internet, with their "unlimited bandwidth", deemed unacceptable because of their high bandwidth use.

I have two hosting offers I am very strongly considering taking up. Both are very, very good - certainly better than Heart are doing. I'll update you when things get going.

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Welcome aboard, Bonz!
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 21/04/07 2:41pm CEST

Remember how I'd said we weren't looking to fill the role of "Worms Correspondent"? Well, I wasn't lying. But we have taken on a new Staff member - Bonz. You may have seen him about on the Team 17 Forum. He's a top-notch guy, and he keeps a keen eye over everything Team 17, specifically relating to the WA Beta Updates. He's probably most famous for jumping into threads purely to make a joke about Spadge's beer consumption before stealing away into the cover of darkness. It is these skills that we hope will benefit Dream17, and we welcome him to the team.

Welcome him.

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CYclaws steps down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 14/04/07 1:21pm CEST

Cyclaws has informed me that he will unfortunately be stepping down as our Worms Correspondent due to a lack of time. I'm currently undecided as to whether or not we need someone else to step into his shoes, so we'll take it easy for now and see how things go.

You can read about Cyclaws' latest goings-on by visiting his blog.

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Dream17 @ MySpace
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 06/04/07 11:48am CEST

Dream17 now has a MySpace presence, because Everyone Else Is Doing It. You can find our MySpace page at

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Aprils Fools!
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 01/04/07 6:11pm CEST

Yes, it was a joke. Our site didn't go down last night, we haven't removed the ADFs and IPFs (as a couple of mouse-clicks would've revealed!) and we're certainly not closing down anytime soon. In fact we added some new unreleased titles to the Softography+ not an hour ago! The sad thing is that the risk of having our ADFs and IPFs forcibly removed by the host is, in fact, a genuine one - they haven't asked us to yet, but given their rather fabulous track record I wouldn't put it past them. Still, as my Mum says, the best tricks are based on fact.

I'm aware that the cut-off for April Fool's Day is usually midday here in the UK, but since when have we ever stood on tradition, eh?

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Hosts to Dream17: Take them all down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 01/04/07 11:36am CEST

I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but late last night I received an email from Adam, the friend I purchased the webspace for Dream17 from earlier this year, saying that our hosts have taken issue with our collection of ADFs and IPFs. He'd had a similar argument with them about our CD32 ISOs a month ago - first Heart insisted the files were illegal. Then when we were able to provide evidence that Team 17 had authorised the files they still told us that we were in breach of their terms and conditions, although they refused to stipulate which ones.

You might have noticed Dream17 going offline late last night. This is because they demanded we take the files down. Unfortunately we've had to comply.

So that's it, then. Dream17 has lost one of the core elements that make it unique. I've officially had enough. Every time I try to do something for the communities that enjoy this site, I hit a wall. It's become tedious and tiresome, and I no longer wish to have to put up with it.

That's why I'm sad to announce that this will be Dream17's final update. We will no longer be updating the site with information on Team 17's latest games, nor will we be trying to get the files back. So this is what you should do: let Dream17 die.

Just let this old site gather dust. No one can open it; no one will even notice it. Let it become a strange little thing standing on a web server. And over the years, the world will move on and the site will be buried. And if you wanna remember it, then you can do one thing. That's all. One thing: Have a good life. Do that for me, readers. Have a fantastic life.

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Heart Internet strikes again
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 29/03/07 7:03pm CEST

Our hosts, Heart Internet, have once again asked us to remove files that are receiving a large amount of traffic - specifically, the demo of Worms 3D and the Worms Armageddon 1.00 to 3.00 Patch. Dream17 has been proud to offer you files such as these for the past three years, and Heart's rather incredulous bandwidth policy is getting beyond a joke now.

Heart Internet advertise unlimited bandwidth. However tucked away in their Customer Service Agreement is a clause which states that any website receiving an excessive amount of bandwidth will be taken offline until high-traffic files are removed. To aid in this there is an upper file limit of 50MB, which we were able to circumvent thanks to Heart's own Tech Support, however they don't offer any anti-hotlinking tools, as our previous hosts did.

While the webspace was purchased through my friend Adam's reseller account, even he did not know about this rather unintelligent policy. I ask Dream17 readers to contact Heart Internet and register your disappointment. We are being consistantly forced to remove popular files because they falsely represented themselves as having "unlimited bandwidth" which is quite obviously not the case.

Unfortunately Dream17 cannot afford to move hosting companies once again. We've had a fantastic offer which would allow us to host our entire website and all of the files on a super-fast server, however the cost of this is £80 per year, which we can't afford. Once again, I find myself in the difficult situation of asking you, our fantastic readers, to consider donating to Dream17 using the PayPal button on the left hand menu. If you'd rather spend your money on something physical I'd suggest buying a tee-shirt from our Spreadshirt Store, although I'd advise against buying the Dream17 logo'd tee-shirts at the moment as they are not of a particularly high-quality and the logo won't last very long.

I can only apologise to our readers for taking up hosting with Heart. I, the Dream17 Staff, and even my friend Adam are all exceedingly disappointed with what has happened and with how badly we have been treated by Heart Internet. The sooner we can raise the funds, the sooner we can move to a better, faster, sleeker server with no down-time and no fuss.

Thanks for your support.

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ISOs and Patches taken down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 20/02/07 5:08pm CET

The website was taken down by our new hosts. At first they told us that the ISOs and Worms patches were, in fact, illegal. Once we told them we had authorisation they then changed their tune and said that they contravene the Terms & Conditions of hosting. Which they do, if only because of the high demand for the files. Eep. Sadly we've had to take the ISOs and the Worms 3D/Worms 4 patches down.

So now we're going to start looking for (yet another) new host. We've had a couple of offers already, both are very good and we may well take them up. Apologies for the downtime and for the files we've had to remove, we'll try to get alternatives sorted out soonish.

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...and new content
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 15/02/07 7:17pm CET

Did we mention that with the new design now fully functional that the SuperBlog is now up and running again? Huzzah!

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New server, new look
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 13/02/07 8:27pm CET

The new server is up and running. There are some minor glitches and wrinkles to be ironed out (and not "winkles," as I nearly wrote - ironing one of those is likely to be rather painful) but we're pretty much there now.

What do you think of the new layout? Pretty swanky, eh? It's been a collaborative effort between everyone here at Dream17 and now it's finally up. If you're not too keen on the new bright colour scheme then the skin option on the left sidebar allows you to change to the dark-purple colour scheme we used on the old site. We're planning on adding new colour schemes to the site in the future, including light and dark greens and... er... probably something else. Maybe blue. Or orange. Ooh, what about yellow? The possibilities are endless!

Oh, I completely forgot - we've added a rather basic Spreadshirt store to the site, where you can currently buy apparel of questionable quality! At the moment the Dream17 logo shirts aren't perfect, but they are an alternative way for you to donate money to the site to keep us going. I would personally recommend buying either this retro-gamer themed shirt or this awesome joystick shirt. We'll get some better logo'd shirts up when we're able.

[Edit by SupSuper] The site is still pretty fresh, so the forum hasn't been updated yet. And report any bugs you find to me ASAP!

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Dream17 server move finally happening
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 14/02/07 4:45pm CET

After some trouble getting the files onto the new server, we seem to have it sorted and we'll be moving the nameservers over shortly. This means that some of you will see the new site fairly quickly, some of you will still be able to see this one, and some of you will... well, you'll lose the website entirely. Still, were kind enough to inform people that we'd be moving, so this should come as no surprise.

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Server move: Update
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 07/02/07 5:27pm CET

Copying the files across to the new server is taking a little longer than expected, and we don't intend to move the domain over until it's finished, so the downtime for the server will hopefully be tonight. One problem we are having is with the Ultimate Body Blows ISO we have which is utterly refusing to transfer to the new server, so we may find ourselves dropping it from the site, albeit temporarily.

In other new, I received my copy of New Zealand Story Revolution for the Nintendo DS today Anyone who owned an Amiga 500 knows about the original, and the new edition is a fairly faithful remake with some rather snazzy updates. I intend to write a review for RealVG some time this week, so keep an eye out for that.

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Server move
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 06/02/07 11:29am CET

We have at last secured an alternative server and we'll be making our move today. We're making a back-up of the server in its current form and moving everything over to the new site. Hopefully you won't even notice the transition, but there's a chance the site may go down fomr a few hours later today, so just be warned.

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We want you...
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 02/02/07 2:50pm CET tell us what you want!

As you may be aware, this year we've started working on a brand spankin' new design for Dream17. Now, we're putting in everything we want, and what we think you want. But just to be on the safe side and to make this site the best it can be, we want you users to tell us everything you'd like to see in the new website: what's missing, what could be better, what annoys you, what would reduce the page loading time by 0.00001secs, anything you can come up with, just tell us and we'll consider it. With your help, we'll make Dream17 the best Team17 fansite it can be!

So drop down to the forum and start brainstorming!

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