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Classic speechbanks
Posted in Worms by Bonz at 01/09/10 3:08pm CEST

Squirminator2K has supplied us with the classic speechbanks that Andy Davidson recorded with his own voice for the original Worms and Worms The Director's Cut, now fully compatible Worms 2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party.

Classic (Worms)
Classic (Worms The Director's Cut)
(You can also find these in the Xtra section of the respective games.)

For instructions and some background info see this forum post.

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Worms 2: Armageddon - Hands-on Preview
Posted in Worms by Bonz at 19/04/09 1:48pm CEST

Russ Frushtick posted his hands-on preview of Worms 2: Armageddon from the Games Developer Conference here at UGO.
A good read with details about weapons, items and modes. Nothing new about the release date, it's still in certification from Microsoft.

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Upcoming Worms PC title via Steam
Posted in Worms by Bonz at 05/03/09 10:32am CET

In this discussion post [#18] on Team17's Facebook page, it is revealed that the upcoming Worms title for the PC platform will be digitally distributed via Steam.

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New Worms screenshots
Posted in Worms by Bonz at 03/03/09 10:56am CET

Team17 have released the first screenshots for the upcoming Worms game for XBLA, which seems to be called "Worms 2: Armageddon" now. At least for the XBLA version.

I wonder if the PC version that'll come out later will be called the same, because that might cause some confusion with Worms 2 from 1997 and Worms Armageddon from 1999.

Also, there are screenshots for the new Worms PSN title.

In addition, Spadge confirmed to VG247 that the PSN title will contain the Holy Handgrenade.

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Team17 official Facebook community
Posted in Team17 Company News by Bonz at 27/02/09 9:17am CET

Team17 have recently set up a Facebook community to provide exclusive news and content for the fans and to create something different than classic corporate websites. Spadge has announced it in this forum post.

The best thing for Team17 fans is, that they now have a new source for pictures of Teamsters demonstrating their favourite pasture: drinking beer at the pub.

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New game titles revealed
Posted in In Development by Bonz at 25/02/09 6:37pm CET

Apparently the Australian Classification Office has revealed the title for a new Worms game called Worms Armageddon Decade.
Worms Armageddon has its 10th anniversary in 2009.

The game is stated as multi-platform and Microsoft is listed as the publisher, which most likely will be the XBLA title that Spadge mentioned here.
This will also later get released for PC, which marks the return of a 2D Worms title to that platform since Worms World Party in 2001.

The Worms version for the Sony's PSN will be an enhanced version of the current XBLA version with additional features and content, as revealed here.

Also, in this same article "Alien Breed Evolution" has been confirmed as the name for the upcoming Alien Breed title, a digital download only release.

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Alien Breed Obliteration - Custom DVD cover artwork
Posted in Fan Stuff by Bonz at 18/01/09 11:53pm CET

A friendly fan from Germany called 'The Bitmap Brother' has sent us this nice looking custom DVD cover artwork that he made for the great remake Alien Breed Obliteration by Flashjesterpunk.

See a 3D render here:
Alien Breed Obliteration - Custom DVD artwork

Download the high-resolution printing version from the Art Fan-Stuff section.

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New Alien Breed logo confirmed
Posted in In Development by Bonz at 16/09/08 10:08pm CEST

Team17 have confirmed the logo for the new, upcoming Alien Breed title to the site VG247 in this article.

New Alien Breed logo

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New Alien Breed title confirmed
Posted in In Development by Bonz at 30/08/08 8:57pm CEST

According to this SPOnG article from 27-08-2008 Martyn 'Spadge' Brown has confirmed that Team17 are working on a new Alien Breed title.
Spadge: "[...] we're doing it with a budget far in excess of anything that has been spent anywhere on a digital title to date."

Digital, as in digital distribution, makes the next-gen consoles' online services PSN and XBLA come to my mind: Spadge previously hinted that there were two XBLA titles and one PSN title in developement and being "pencilled in" respectively.
This makes one wonder if there is a chance for a PC version. Spadge did not confirm or deny the platforms or delivery methods however.

The guys at SPOnG also wildly speculated that Team17 may not only be developing the title, but also publish it themselves, something which Team17 haven't done in a long time.

Spadge furthermore gave some insight in future planning regarding their intellectual property:
"We're looking to take the studio in different directions. For a start, the days of over-reliance on a sole IP are over".
"We're certainly looking to go back to multiple, high quality IPs."

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Worms 3D Mac Universal Patch available
Posted in Worms by Bonz at 23/03/08 7:39pm CET

Mac Wormers pay attention!
The v1.1 Universal Patch for the Mac version of Worms 3D has been released three days ago. Now the owner's of a Mac with an Intel processor can play the game natively.

Get it either from Feral Interactive's support site or from Dream 17.

There's also a download for the normal v1.0.1 patch for Worms 3D (Mac) on the same page for, since it wasn't available from Dream17 before.
Yes, we take care for Mac users too. Finally.

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Official Editors and Mission Packs for Worms World Party
Posted in Site Content by Bonz at 24/09/07 5:09pm CEST

I added the official Worms World Party mission editor and speechbank editor, as well as the three official mission packs to the Worms World Party download section.
The reason is that on Team17's official Worms World Party several links to these were dead.

I'll be adding more content for Worms World Party and other Team17 games later.
These were only the most essential files.

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Worms Armageddon Desktop Theme & Greenpepper high resolution DVD cover
Posted in Site Content by Bonz at 23/09/07 9:21pm CEST

I have added the official Worms Armageddon desktop theme to the Worms Armageddon download section.
It was previously only available from the Team17 FTP server, but hasn't been linked on the official Worms Armageddon page.

Note that it's a Windows 9x theme that only works with Plus! installed. It probably won't work on other systems.
You can still use the wallpaper, animated cursors, icons and sounds separately to customize your hardcore fan Worms Desktop. Very Happy or Laughing

Also, I updated the large version of the Greenpepper DVD cover with a higher resolution image.

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Worms Crazy Golf
Posted in Site Content by Bonz at 11/09/07 12:00am CEST

I have added a softography entry for the mobile phone title Worms Crazy Golf.

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3 Worms desktop icons
Posted in Site Content by Bonz at 10/05/07 1:37am CEST

I uploaded a pack of some Windows desktop icons for Worms, Worms: DC and Worms 2, made by me.

Get them here.

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17-Bit Software Softography+ content update
Posted in Site Content by Bonz at 10/05/07 1:12am CEST

I have added Softography+ entries for a bunch of 17-Bit Software games and applications with both screenshots and ADF disk image downloads:

Manga Hot Numbers
Skate Tribe
Karaoke for Kids
Colour It
The Bible
F.R.A.C. - Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Creator
Soccer Cards US 94
The Travel Guide

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Euro Manager '96 screenshots added
Posted in Site Content by Bonz at 26/04/07 4:45pm CEST

I have added all the screenshots for Euro Manager 96 that I could find on the old, archived Team17 page.

Check them out here.

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